Loot Types Civilian, Industrial
Number of Loot Piles Unknown
Number of Entrances 1-2 Doors
Number of Windows None
Number on Map Unknown
Warehouses are large cubish buildings with two doors that have the possibility of holding industrial loot.

Appearance and LayoutEdit

Warehouses are large grey and blue buildings. They are very tall, and are nearly perfect cubes. They have no windows, and can have one to two entrances. They have a very hollow inside, with the exception of the loot that spawns, and the two pillars that are in the middle of the building that support the roof, so the building doesnt collapse on itself.


Warehouses can be found all over the map. They are mainly found in large industrial areas, such as the Factory. Sometimes, they can also be found scattered across the map, in random places. An example of this would be the warehouse near Gusmanak's Mansion.


See Civilian/ Indsutrial Loot Table


  • Warehouses are much larger in DayZ.

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