Survival Pack
Survival Pack
In Game Description Unknown
Found In Agricultural, Civilian, Industrial
Spaces Added 6
Available Colors Unknown
Rarity Uncommon
The Survival Pack is a high tier backpack found in civilian areas.


The survival pack was added in a very early update. It has the highest amount of inventory slots for any civilian grade backpack. The only backpack in the game that holds more slots than the survival pack is the military grade military pack. The survival pack is also the largest of all of the civilian backpacks, and is only surpassed in size by the military pack.


The original survival pack was a tan/light brown color. It is the largest of all three of the civilian backpacks, and is located on the back of the player, unlike the fanny pack which is on the front. The survival pack has more slots than the hiking pack and the fanny pack, but less slots than the military pack. The survival pack is also flat on the end that attaches to the back of the player.


  • Before the update that added different colored backpacks, the only color the survival pack came in was tan.

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