Police Station
Loot Types Civilian, Military
Number of Loot Piles Civilian(4), Military(1)
Number of Entrances 1 Front door, 1 Back Door, 1 Garage
Number of Windows Unknown
Number on Map 3
Police Stations are buildings that hold both civilian and military loot, but they also spawn in Police Cars. They're guarded by Police Zombies.

Appearance and LayoutEdit

Police stations are large, gray, and blue buildings. They have a ground floor, a roof, and an elevated roof. There are multiple ways you can enter the ground floor. You can go through one of the three doors, or though one of the many windows .

Interior Edit

There are four rooms to the station. The room that is the most exposed spawns civilian loot. The room next to it has a wooden counter and a door, while the other two smaller rooms can spawn military loot.

Roof Edit

You may also be able to go onto the roof. This can be done by jumping, or by walking on the truss ladder in the back of the station. This ladder will lead to the roof of the building. This truss ladder will also lead you to the elevated roof on the left hand side of the station.



See Civilian/ Military Loot Table


  • Police stations are great places to loot if you are a fresh spawn or looking for guns/ammo.

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