"After taking these painkillers, you will ignore twenty percent of incoming damage for forty-five seconds."
— Item description
Painkillers found in Apocalypse Rising.
Slot Main
Inv. spaces 1
 Painkillers are consumable medical items which reduce damage taken by 20 percent for 45 seconds.


In the mid 1800’s, morphine was used to cure pain experienced by soldiers in the American Civil War.  In the 1960’s, a new type of drug was developed to remove certain pain symptoms. These included arthritis, headaches, and some other types of pain. Later, new types of drugs were developed called painkillers, which would alleviate pain experienced. These included oxycodone, codeine, and hydrocodone. However, many of these drugs are extremely addictive.

Recommended useEdit

Painkillers are best used when about to enter an area with high amounts of zombies, or when about to go into combat with another player. They are a great tool for both player killing bandits and non-violent players, due to the noticeable amount of damage they reduce. They are less important in Hardcore, since you have slim chances of surviving if you receive shots, even with a 20% boost.

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