The M93R, as seen in-game.
Weapon Type Secondary
Attachment Slots Suppressor
Caliber 9x19mm
Magazine Type 17 Round M9 Magazine, 32 Round M9 Magazine
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic, Burst, Automatic
Fire Rate 900
Accuracy 2.0/10
Hipfire Accuracy 7.85/10
Recoil 8.0/10
Rarity Semi-Rare
Loot Area Military
The M93R is an automatic pistol found in military areas.


The M93R was designed by Beretta in the 1970's. It had a fire rate of 1100 rounds per minute and was chambered in 9x19mm. Originally, the weapon was going to be used for the Italian counter-terrorist forces, however, it saw use with other police forces and counter-terrorist organizations worldwide.


The M93R has an exposed barrel with a muzzle brake on the top of it. It has a grip in front of the trigger group and handle. The M93R has a brown handgrip on the handle of the weapon. The sights of the weapon look a lot like that of the M9 pistol. The magazine in the weapon is exposed.


The M93R has a very high rate of fire when compared to other weapons. It uses the less-powerful 9x19mm round, and has a less accurate hipshot. The M93R also has a low recoil when compared to other pistols such as the Model 625.

Recommended UseEdit

This weapon is best used in close quarters areas, such as indoors or in the streets. The M93R is a great choice for Bandits, due to its high rate of fire. The M93R can also be used by normal survivors, because of its abundance of ammunition.


  • In real life, you can switch the M93R from semi-automatic to burst fire, but it does not have a fully automatic feature.

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