Laser Attachment
Laser Attachment
Loot Area Military
Attachment Slot Underbarrel
Effects Extra accuracy during unaimed shooting
Rarity Very rare

A Laser Attachment is a type of underbarrel attachment found in Apocalypse Rising.


Laser attachments have been used on weapons since the 1980's. Designed to make weapons more accurate when shooting, they have been used by militaries and civilian shooters worldwide. They are usually attached to assault rifles, submachine guns and other longer firearms, but can sometimes be attached to pistols. They are most commonly added to a weapon by rail system, although other methods of attachment exist, such as integral laser attachments, welding, or even taping the attachment to the weapon.


In-game, the laser attachment increases weapon performance immensely. The performance of unaimed fire is increased by around 25-45%, allowing CQC combat to be much easier.


A black tube-like item with a black circle and a red dot on the center of the top.


  • The laser light is not shown in-game.
  • In Apocalypse Games, the Laser Attachment will increase the aimed accuracy bar in the stats below the weapon.
  • Very useful for CQC, using unaimed fire.

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