Hunger is a statistic in Apocalypse Rising.


Hunger is a stat in Apocalypse Rising, which is essential to survival. It models the real-life need for food, and adds to the feel of the game being about survival. Hunger must be kept up, or else your health will drop.  Hunger is tracked by the hunger bar, which can be refilled by eating food.

Functions and EffectsEdit

The hunger bar is very important to survival. If your hunger bar drops to 0%, your health will steadily drop.  Keeping your hunger up is important, and at least one article of food should be kept in your inventory at all times. Hunger has a sister stat, called thirst.

Hunger will deplete at a steady rate, just like thirst. You can see the depletion of your hunger by looking at the hunger bar, located at the bottom of your screen, by the thirst bar. Sprinting will deplete your thirst and hunger much faster than if you were not performing that action.

Tips on ConservingEdit

Hunger is relatively easy to conserve. Here are some tips on conserving hunger.

  • Keep at least one article of food in your inventory at all times.
  • You don't need to stockpile on food. Hunger doesn't deplete fast enough to the point where you need to have more than one item of food in your inventory.
  • If you have food in your inventory, and you see food of the same grade or lower, eat the food in your inventory and replace it with the food you just found.
  • Save MREs and cooked meat for emergencies, such as around 5 to 10% hunger, or when you have low health.
  • If you have an MRE or cooked meat, do not eat it and replace it with lower grade food, such as a can of beans or twinkies.
  • If you're having trouble with the Hunger stat, you can use the Survivalist Perk to have it last longer.


  • Thirst depletes faster than hunger similar to real life where a human needs water more often than food to survive.

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