The hospital in Vernal
Loot Types Medical, Civilian (Consumables), Military (Consumables)
Number of Loot Piles N/A
Number of Entrances 1
Number of Windows 6
Number on Map 5
Hospitals are buildings that contain medical loot, such as blood bags, painkillers, and assorted food and drink consumables.

Appearance and LayoutEdit

There are 2 hospital variants; the large hospitals and the clinics. There are two large hospitals, one in Kin and one in Vernal. They are two story buildings, but only the first floor is accessible. They have 6 large windows and one entrance. The clinics are much smaller, with one main room and a small closet. They have 3 windows, two large and 1 small in the rear. The large windows in both variants are all marked with a red cross. Also, both variants are all white with a gray floor.


There are 5 total hospitals on the map, two large hospitals and three clinics.


Large Hospitals:


See Medical Loot Table


  • There are two types of hospitals, varying in shape and size
  • Medical Tents are another place to find medical loot
  • Hospitals can be damaged, but not fully destroyed with C4
  • An encounter with Patient Zero will either kill you or teleport you to the hospital in Kin
  • Big hospital's (The one in Kin and Vernal) have a chance of spawning an ambulance

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