"This hatchet can be used for close-range defense against zombies or players."
— Item description
Slot Utility
Inv. spaces 1 utility slot, 3 if in Main inventory
The Hatchet is a melee weapon. It is one of the most common melee weapons in the game along with the Crowbar. It is one of the most popular melee weapons because it does equal damage as the Sabre while being more common.


Hatchets are tooyo mama is on the phonederives from the French word 'hache', while the word axe derives from a German word. The hatchet has also been used in combat. It was used by certain groups as a melee weapon, or as a thrown projectile.


The end of the hatchet's blade is grey. The cylinder that acts as the handle for the hatchet is a light beige, and connects to the other end of the hatchet, which is red.


The Hatchet is primarily used as a weapon to kill zombies. It cannot be used for any other purpose than dealing damage, such as gathering wood. It does roughly 30 damage to a user, killing one in 4 strikes.

Combat performance and recommended useEdit

The hatchet deals a decent amount of damage, higher than that of the Crowbar and Combat Knife, but equal to the Sabre.

The hatchet's firespeed is slow and the reach is short making it bad for player combat. It is an excellent melee weapon for remaining undetected while traveling, as it makes little sound while attacking zombies. It can kill all zombies, even military zombies, in 1 hit as long as they are hit with the sharpest edge of the hatchet.


  • Before the melee system was updated, it took the slot of a primary weapon.
  • There used to be a bug, which made it possible to kill your teammates with Crowbar and hatchet.
  • Some players take the hatchet over the Sabre because it is easier to kill Military Zombies with a one shot headshot.

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