The G37, as seen in-game.
Weapon Type Secondary
Attachment Slots Suppressor
Caliber .45 ACP
Magazine Type 12 Round USP .45 Magazine
Fire Modes Semi-Automatic
Fire Rate Semi-Automatic only
Accuracy 3.0/10
Hipfire Accuracy 6.95/10
Recoil 5.0/10
Rarity Somewhat Common
Loot Area Military
The G37 is a semi-automatic handgun found in miltary areas.


The Glock pistol was designed from 1979 through 1982 by Austrian weapons desiger Gaston Glock. Glock saw widespread sale with almost all markets, civilian, police and military are some of the more notable ones. The Glock has many variants, including the G17, G18, and G37. It is chambered to fire many types of rounds, including 9x19mm, 10mm, .45 ACP, and .357. More than five million Glocks have been made.[1]

The Glock G37 is one of the variants of this pistol. It is chambered in the .45 GAP round(It uses a different type of .45 round in-game). The G37 uses a semi-automatic system of operations, and has a 10 round magazine capacity.[2] In game, the magazine capacity of the G37 is 12 rounds.


The G37 looks a lot like it's 9x19mm counterpart. Instead of the black color that the G18 has, it has a tan colored frame. It has a higher reflectance than most other weapons, but has the same sights as the other glock variant found in the game. The slide of the weapon is black colored, and a black magazine can be seen poking out of the weapons handle.

Performance and Recommended UseEdit

The G37 pistol can deal a great amount of damage with only one magazine, using the .45 ACP round. It also has great accuracy with both hipfire and aimed shooting, along with low recoil. The low magazine capacity of the weapon is one of the only cons of the weapon, along with the weapon being incapable of automatic fire, a feature some players find to be essential. The G37 is an excellent weapon for killing zombies, due to common ammo and high damage. It also has one of the better hipfire accuracies for .45 pistols. It also has a high possibility to penetrate the helmets of military zombies.

In PvP, the G37 should be used with hip fire at close range. At longer ranges of around 50-75 studs, you should use aimed fire to take out targets. The G37 excells at both of these categories, making it a good weapon for moderate ranged combat.


  • The G37 is one of the two variants of the Glock found in Apocalypse Rising. The other variant is the G18, which, unlike the G37, can fire in fully automatic mode.
  • The G37 is the only tan colored secondary weapon in the game.
  • In real life, the G37 uses the .45 GAP round, instead of .45 ACP.



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