Deer Stand
Loot Types Civilian, Military
Number of Loot Piles Unknown
Number of Entrances Ladder leading to the top.
Number of Windows None
Number on Map 5
Deer Stands are buildings where military loot can be found.

Appearance and LayoutEdit

The deer stand is a completely brown roofless tower. There are 4 stilts below and a ladder leading to the top of the tower, which is the only part of the building you can stand on. There are low walls which surround the top of the tower. Loot will spawn within the walled area on the top of the tower. Unlike its counterpart in the DayZ standalone and the DayZ mod, it has no roof. It is also scaled down, comparing the size of the player in DayZ to the DayZ tower, and the Apocalypse Rising player to the Apocalypse Rising tower.


Deer stands can be found in the following locations.

Kin Re-ImaginedEdit

  • A large number of deer stands can be found at the Refugee Camp in the North Eastern part of the map. They are the only deer stands in the game.


  • Most stands only contain military loot .
  • Some deer stands contain only civilian loot. There is no physical difference between the two.


  • In the DayZ Mod, deer stands have their own loot table.

See AlsoEdit

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