Clothing is a type of equipment that can be found and worn in the game. When you first start a game, you will have a selection of clothing you can choose before creating your player. There are multiple types of clothing; civilian, padded, rambo, military, and special.

Civilian Edit

Civilian clothing has long sleeve shirts, and pants with sneakers.

Padded Edit

Padded clothing features pads on the elbows and knees.

RamRAF Edit

Rambo-class clothing have boots instead of sneakers, and t-shirts instead of long sleeve shirts.

Military Edit

Military-class clothing includes different camouflage outfits used by armed forces in different environments. These camouflages consist of:

Special Edit

There are 5 sets of clothing that are classified as "Special". Two of them are Gusmanak's and ZolarKeth's power suits. The others are the 3 sets of Trinity Corp camouflage; Red Mercenary, Blue Mercenary, and Trinity Guard.


Civilian Clothing when on the ground.