Box of Matches
The box of matches, as seen in game.
In Game Description Unknown
Loot Type Civilian
Purpose To light firewood placed on the ground.
Size 1
Rarity Common
The Box of Matches is a utility  that can help you light placed firewood. A lit firepit can cook raw meat for you or provide a light source when in dark places.


The earliest ever recorded usage of match-like materials dates back to 6th century china, where sulphur was used with sticks to cause fire. The word matche derives from the French word mèche, which refers to the wick of a candle[1].


The Box of Matches is in the shape of a rectangular prism. It has a red rectangle on the top of the box. It also has a blue strip on the top of the box.

How to UseEdit

The Box of Matches can be used by:

  1. Clicking on the inventory button or G.
  2. Click on the Box of matches on the toolbar.
  3. Click 'Light Firepit' on the menu that pops up.

Another method preferred by players is:

  1. Have the Matches equipped in an utility slot.
  2. Click the firepit using the interact tool. If you have matches it will be automatically lit.


  • Matches are one of the most common utility in the game.



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