"This blood bag will restore you to near-perfect condition by performing a self-transfusion. Restores all of your health."
— Item description
Blood Bag
The blood bag, as seen in game.
Loot Type Medical
Type of Consumable Medical
Effects Gradually restores health to 100%.
Rarity Extremely Common

The Blood Bag is a medical-grade consumable that will gradually heal you to 100% health when used. Blood bags can be found inside hospitals and medical tents along with painkillers and Dr. Pepper.


Blood transfusions are a recent development in medical history. They were designed to replace blood lost from wounds. Blood transfusions were originally only given from one person to another, but now, in the case of the blood bag, you do not need two people to perform a transfusion[1].


The blood bag looks a lot alike the MRE. It is the same size as the MRE, and has the same rectangular shape. However, it has a different color, red, instead of tan. Also, the decal on the front of the blood bag differs from that of the MRE. The blood bag has a B on the label, representing B type blood. B type blood is the most commonly requested type of blood by hospitals.


The blood bag should be used when a large ammount of health has been lost. To use the blood bag, open the inventory with the button or the letter G (Depending on your binds), then use it like it was food. Make sure to use it only when you are not under attack, as being damaged by any amount will destroy the blood bag and stop the healing. This applies to any healing source, like food.


  • Blood bags do not instantly regenerate all of your health, instead it goes up gradually.
  • Taking damage will stop the process of healing and destroy the bloodbag.
  • The blood bag offers type B blood, as seen on the label.
  • Taking in multiple blood bags will accelerate the rate of regenerating health.



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