"Beef Jerky is an essential to apocalypse survival. This item restores forty percent of your hunger and ten percent of your health."
— Item description
Beef Jerky
A package of beef jerky.
Loot Type Agricultural, Civilian, Industrial
Type of Consumable Food
Effects 40% hunger restored, 10% health restored.
Rarity Uncommon

Beef Jerky is a type of food found in Apocalypse Rising.


Beef Jerky is made by taking lean meat and draining it of fat. The next step in the process of making beef jerky is to cut it into small strips. The lean meat is then dried while salt is added, and the finished product is what is known as beef jerky[1].


Beef jerky is a small, red, rectangular package. It has a logo of the company Jack Links on the front, which is a company that produces beef jerky. The model is unique from other food models, and very thin.



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