A 9×19mm magazine for the M9, M93R, and G18.
Ammo Type Pistols, Submachine Guns
Damage Rating 5.45x39mm > 9x19mm > 9x18mm
Bodyshots Required to Kill 8 Shots(9 with painkillers
Limbshots Required to Kill 9 Shots(11 with painkillers)
Headshots Required to Kill 6 Shots(7 with painkillers)
Magazines Used In CZ-75 Mag, Model 459 Mag, 17Rnd. M9 Mag, 20Rnd. TEC-9 Mag, MP5 Mag, 32Rnd. M9 Mag, 32Rnd. TEC-9 Mag
Weapons Used In CBJ-MS, CZ-75, G18, M9, M93R, Model 459, MP5, TEC-9, Uzi
The 9×19mm round is a type of ammunition used in many pistols and submachine guns found in Apocalypse Rising.


The 9×19mm round was developed in 1901 as the round for the German Luger semi-automatic pistol.  Developed from the 7.65×21mm round, it saw widespread success and use.  It is currently the most used handgun cartridge in the world, and also contributed to making the semi-automatic handgun more popular than the revolver with magnum cartridges.


The 9×19mm round is a very weak round.  It has a very low amount of recoil, making it easily controllable with automatic fire as well as a semi-automatic.  It is a good choice to have a 9×19mm weapon as a secondary weapon, as it is easy to find ammo, and has a high magazine capacity.  It is effective at close ranges but virtually useless at long range.


  • The 9×19mm round is one of the most common ammunitions in the game.
  • The 9×19mm round was first used in game with the M9 and G18 pistols.

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