The 8 Round makarov magazine, which uses the 9x18mm cartridge.
Ammo Type Pistol
Damage Rating 9x19mm > 9x18mm
Bodyshots Required to Kill 8(10 with painkillers
Limbshots Required to Kill 10(12 with painkillers)
Headshots Required to Kill 4(6 with painkillers)
Magazines Used In 8 Round Makarov Magazine, 64 Round PP-19 Magazine
Weapons Used In Makarov, PP-19
The 9×18mm round is a type of ammuntion.


The 9×18mm Makarov round was developed as the round to be used for the Makarov and Makarov PM pistols that were in development to be the standard pistol for the Russian Ground Forces in the 1950s. The Red Army adopted both the round and the pistol and made them standard at the same time, replacing the old TT-33 pistol. There have also been other weapons that use this round, such as the PP-19 Bizon and the PP-91 automatic submachine guns.


This round has the lowest damage in the game, making it a poor choice for people who need a weapon capable of doing high damage to other players. However, the abundance of ammo for both the PP-19 Bizon and the Makarov pistol make them great for killing zombies at close range. The 9×18mm round also has one of the lowest amounts of recoil in the game.


  • 9×18mm is the lowest caliber of all the rounds in the game.
  • The suppressors that fit this caliber are the most common.

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