8 Round Makarov Magazine
The makarov magazine, as seen in-game.
Loot Type Civilian
Caliber 9x18mm
Rounds Held 8
Weapons Used In Makarov
Rarity Very Common

The 8 Round Makarov Magazine is a common pistol magazine. It is the most common civilian item currently in the game.


When the Makarov was designed to be the standard issue pistol for Russia in 1951, it was decided that it would use a 8 round magazine. The Makarov uses a 9x18mm single stack feed system. The 8 round magazine is the only magazine used in the Makarov pistol.


The magazine used in the makarov pistol looks a lot like that of the CZ-75. The Makarov magazine is black, and rectangular with a small bit poking out of the bottom of the magazine, like the CZ-75 magazine. Unlike the CZ-75 magazine, the Makarov magazine does not have any reflectance.


  • The Makarov magazine is arguably the most common item in the game, it can be found in any landmark, city, or town on the map.
  • The player will always spawn with two makarov magazines, even with the enhanced spawn game pass.

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