8 Round M1 Garand Magazine
The 8 round M1 Garand magazine, as seen in-game.
Loot Type Agricultural, Civilian, Industrial
Caliber 7.62x63mm
Rounds Held 8
Weapons Used In M1 Garand
Rarity Common

The 8 Round M1 Garand Magazine is the magazine used in the M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle.


The 8 round M1 Garand magazine was developed for the new M1 Garand rifle. It has an odd eight round capacity, and was loaded into an internal magazine with a stripper clip, which would also automatically eject from the rifle without having to pull on the charging handle, or nay other manual input. Loading the magazine was simple, which contributed to the 16-24 round per minute rate of fire (if the reload time is factored in). One of the problems with the loading of the M1 Garand was M1 Thumb, which is when the bolt would close on the thumb on the person loading the rifle if the handle was not pulled back all the way.


The M1 Garand magazine is large and blocky shaped, and much taller than it is wide. It has the same colors as the SKS magazine, yellow, orange, and black. The magazine used in the M1 Garand is also very large when compared to other magazines of similar ammunition capacities.


  • The M1 Garand Magazine has the second highest caliber in the game, using the 7.62x63mm, or .30-06 battle rifle cartridge.

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