The M1 Garand magazine, which uses the 7.62x63mm round.
Ammo Type Rifle
Damage Rating .303 British, 20 Gauge > 7.62x51mm, 7.62x54mmR, 7.62x63mm > 7.62x39mm
Bodyshots Required to Kill 5(6 with Painkillers)
Limbshots Required to Kill 6(7 with painkillers)
Headshots Required to Kill 4(5 with painkillers)
Magazines Used In 8 Round M1 Garand Magazine
Weapons Used In M1 Garand
The 7.62x63mm, or .30-06, is a high powered type of rifle ammunition used in the M1 Garand magazine.


The .30-06 round has been in service since 1906. It was developed for use with the M1903 Springfield rifle.  It saw service in both World Wars, and also saw service in the Korean War. It has also been used with the iconic M1 Garand semi-automatic rifle[1].


The 7.62x63mm round has a very high amount of damage. Dealing the same damage as the 7.62x51mm and 7.62x54mmR cartriges, the .30-06 round can kill a player in 5-7 shots, or 3-4 headshots. However, it also generates a lot of noise, which is a downside if you are trying to be a stealthy player.


  • The only rifle round with a higher caliber than the M1 Garand is the .303 British round.
  • In-game, this cartridge is only used in the M1 Garand.



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