32 Round M9 Magazine
The 32 round M9 magazine as it appears in-game. Notice how the magazine is taller than the 17 round variant.
Loot Type Military
Caliber 9x19mm
Rounds Held 32
Weapons Used In G18, M9, M93R
Rarity Semi-Rare

The 32 Round M9 Magazine is an extended magazine that is used in some military grade pistols.


The 32 round M9 magazine is most likely based off of the 32 round G18 magazine in real life. The G18 can use multiple magazine systems, and the 32 round system is one of them. It has a long, double stack magazine which carries at the most 32 rounds[1].


The 32 round M9 magazine is similar in appearance to the 17 round M9 magazine. Both magazines have the shape and appearance of a regular pistol magazine. They have the same black color and same reflectance. The difference between the two is that the 32 round variant is taller than the standard 17 round variant.


  • The 32 round M9 magazine is a variant of the 17 round M9 magazine.



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