Fedorov Avtomat Magazine
The Fedorov Avtomat magazine as seen in-game.
Loot Type Civilian
Caliber 6.5x50mm
Rounds Held 25
Weapons Used In Fedorov Avtomat
Rarity Common

The 25 Round Fedorov Avomat Magazine is the 25 round magazine used in the Fedorov Avtomat assault rifle.


The Fedorov Avtomat Magazine was one of the highest capacity magazines for its time. It used a spring loading system, where the next round would be pushed up when the one before it is ejected.  It was used in the Fedorov Avtomat assault rifle, which did not see widespread service[1].


The Fedorov Avtomat magazine is curved, long, and grey. It has no reflectance, and is around the size of an M1 Garand magazine.


  • This has the third highest capacity of all civilian magazines.



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