20 Round TEC-9 Magazine
The 20 round TEC-9 magazine as seen in game.
Loot Type Military
Caliber 9×19mm
Rounds Held 20
Weapons Used In CBJ-MS, TEC-9, Uzi
Rarity Very Common

The 20 Round TEC-9 Magazine is a common magazine found in military areas.


The TEC-9 was designed by Intratec in 1985. It was designed to be a high capacity, fully automatic machine pistol. The magazine that was designed for this weapon could hold a variety of magazines, including ones that held 10, 20, 32, 50, and 72 round 9x19mm magazines[1].


The TEC-9 magazine is long, rectangular, and grey. It has a very similar appearance to the M3 magazine.  The difference between these magazines is that the magazine of the M3 is longer than that of the magazine of the TEC-9.


  • The TEC-9 has the highest magazine capacity for any pistol magazine in the game.



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