10 Round SKS Magazine
The SKS magazine, as seen in-game.
Loot Type Civilian
Caliber 7.62x39mm
Rounds Held 10
Weapons Used In SKS
Rarity Common

The 10 Round SKS Magazine is the magazine used in the SKS rifle. It uses the same 7.62x39mm rifle round that is seen in the AK-47 assault rifle and its derivatives[1].


Internal magazines have been around for a very long time. They are most commonly used in bolt action rifles. In an internal magazine system, the ammunition is loaded into the the rifle either one by one, or from a stripper clip. Because of the fast reloading with the in-game SKS, it is most likely that the magazine used by it in-game is a stripper clip, rather than individual rounds.


The SKS magazine looks a lot like the M1 Garand magazine in color and style, but not at all in size or shape. The SKS magazine has the colors orange, yellow, and black, just like the magazine used in the M1 Garand. The magazine used in the SKS is small and long, and has a size similar to the Lee-Enfield magazine.


  • The in-game Lee-Enfield uses a similar system of loading ammunition, the charger clip.



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