10 Round Lee-Enfield Magazine
The 10 round Lee-Enfield magazine as seen in game.
Loot Type Civilian
Caliber .303 British
Rounds Held 10
Weapons Used In Lee-Enfield
Rarity Common

The 10 Round Lee-Enfield Magazine is the magazine used in the bolt action Lee-Enfield rifle.


When the Lee-Enfield was created for the British Army, it needed a different way of loading rounds into the rifle. The result was a 5 round charger clip with the .303 British round. Up to two of these 5 round clips could be loaded into the rifle at a time[1].


The Lee-Enfield magazine looks a lot like the Mosin-Nagant magazine. It also has the same black color as the magazine used in the Mosin-Nagant, and a shape that is generally the same. The difference between the two is that the Lee-Enfield magazine is a little bit longer than the Mosin-Nagant Magazine, and a little bit less tall.


  • Contrary to popular belief, the Lee-Enfield magazine holds only 5 rounds, but 2 magazines can be loaded into the rifle.
  • This is the only magazine that uses .303 British, the highest caliber rifle round in the game. When combined with the magazine size, the amount of damage held in the weapon extremely high.



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