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• 2/7/2014

Expanded Inventory Game Passes

Many people have probably suggested this.

All I am saying is a lot of us run out of room quickly, if there was a gamepass I could buy that would give me a whole new row of inventory in my millitary backpack I would. 

Another thing is add how rare a gun is like in the description in yellow letters: Rarity: Common, Rare, Very Rare etc.

I don't know if these are simple or not but it would add a whole new level to the gameplay :0

Bottom line: More Inventory Space.

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• 2/7/2014
Massive advantage. Not happening. Thread is in the wrong section anyway.
• 2/12/2014

@Milbert23, agreed.

• 6/7/2014

No, not if you lower the price so it is affordable to about almost everyone, such as 50~75 Tix

• 7/14/2014

That would completely defeat the purpose to want to find a backpack quick, rather than rich OBC kids buying gamepasses, and probably glitch them by buying them over and over

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